Mother nature kicks in

Nearly two months after construction completion, nature’s amazing ability to regenerate is evident in the work sites and compounds.


Model Boating Pond

The hill-side next to Model Boating pond is beginning to look green as grass and wild flower seed establishes.

The island and pond are also looking good in the winter sun.


Grass on the Sports Field is also shooting back to life.


Sports Field

The haul road and work compound at Pryor’s Field were seeded slightly later, but green shoots are visible.


Haul road


Pryor’s Field

South of the Catchpit dam a new channel has been dug allowing water to flow down towards the Mixed Pond. Previously, this water would have flowed through a pipe under the ground. The benefits of having it above ground are: it becomes a wetland habitat and provides feeding and habitat for wildlife, including birds, insects and amphibians. Plants which like marsh habitats will also be able to grow around the new stream.


North of the Catchpit, the silt trap has filled up with water flowing down the chain.


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