The grass is always greener

As the construction element of the project draws to a close, we can now start to see grass shoots appearing in the areas which have alredy been hydro-seeded. This includes the area to the west of Model Boating Pond.


Grass begining to shoot

All around the newly landscaped Model Boating Pond there are beautiful views, made even more wonderful by the trees changing colour for autumn.

On the Hampstead Chain, BAM’s final compound on the Heath (at Pryor’s Field) is gradually shrinking in size as their kit is moved from site.


Viaduct Pond

Works have finished at all of the ponds on this chain, with the exception of the restoration of the work compound.


Hampstead No. 2

The last remaining works are the planting of various shrubs and trees to replace some of the trees that were taken down to allow for the construction of the scheme. Some of this work is being carried out by BAM,  in the week commencing 7 November, and the rest will be taken care of by Heath staff.

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4 Responses to The grass is always greener

  1. jon says:

    The finished works look great, but I have one question – in the original plan the island in the model boating pond was due to be an island. The finished design is no longer an island. Why the change? Surely leaving it as an island would have been better? – leaving a space for wildlife that would not be disturbed by dogs and people, and allowing water to flow freely around.


    • Hi Jon, thanks for your comment and we are glad you like the finished works. When the island was first discussed with the Ponds Project Stakeholder Group a number of years ago, we did consider leaving it as an island for birds, however we concluded that the temptation of an island may attract people to wade or swim across which could be very dangerous. Dogs could also swim across and then it would be difficult for owners to get them back. We also had pressure from anglers and model boaters who were keen for the pond to remain accessible from all sides as it had been previously. The Heath is used by people in so many different ways we often have to compromise to get the right balance. The inclusion of the causeway is an example of a compromise we’ve had to make.


      • jon says:

        Thanks for the reply and that makes sense, but why not include a bridge rather than a causeway? or at least some kind of pipe between each side so the channels don’t become silted up?


    • We did discuss a bridge, but our stakholders thought it may loook out of place on the Heath as we don’t have any other bridges, except in the ornamental gardens of Golders Hill Park. There is a pipe underneath the causeway, beneath the water-line.


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