The finishing touches

Now the majority of construction works are finished, the focus moves to environmental restoration, specifically seeding and planting.

The areas to the west of Model Boating Pond have now been seeded and we are waiting for the green shoots to appear.The hillside has a bluish-green colour as it is the reminents of a dye used during the hydroseeding process.


Model Boating Pond

BAM Nuttall have also been carrying out some more work on the paths around the pond which have been getting water-logged when it rains.

Planting has been taking place at the Men’s Pond along the pond-side of the sheet-pile wall. This planting helps to camoflage and naturalise the wall. Pendulus sedge has been planted right along the front.This is a tall, perennial plant which forms large, dense tufts. It has been chosen as it grows well on heavy clays and should thrive in this location.


Planting at Men’s Pond


Planting at Men’s Pond

Environmental works are also taking place at the northern end of Men’s Pond where the corner of the pond is being slightly extended and planted with reeds in order to act as a sediment and filter bed to reduce the inputs into the pond. Two woody check dam have also been fitted here to collect sediment and debris before it enters into the pond. This work here is still in progress.


North west corner of Men’s Pond


North west corner of Men’s Pond

A number of trees and shrubs are also due to be planted but this will take place in November which is a more appropriate time to plant.


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