Ponds Project provides homes for bats, birds and insects!

One of the first posts on this blog was about the installation of bat boxes as part of the environmental mitigation of the project. In March 2015  six boxes were put up to compensate for the loss of two small features in trees removed during the site clearance works for the Ponds Project. Another six have been put up as environmental enhancments and a further eight are to be installed.

Last week members of the Heath’s conservation and ecology team carried out regular monitoring of the boxes.


In one box there was a pipistrelle bat.



In a further four boxes, there was plenty of bat droppings – 18g of poo compared to the one bat, which weighed 6g. This is a good indication the boxes are being frequented by several bats.

And it’s not just bats making use of these boxes, three bird nests were also found, (we think these belong to blue-tits) along with several species of spider and a wasp nest.


Bird nest


Wasp nest


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