Construction completion

This week marks the final completion of the construction phase of the project – 18 months since the project started in April 2015. To mark the occassion on Wednesday the paths around the Model Boating Pond were opened to the public. The island is still fenced off while grass becomes established.

Construction works across the Heath have now been completed with only some finishing off work remaining. This includes restoring the compound  and haul road at Pryor’s Field.


Haul road which has been seeded


Pryor’s Field compound

The area south of  Viaduct Pond is also being restored and the path replaced.


Viaduct Pond

There are still large areas of ground fenced off to allow turf  and seed to establish and the Heath staff will closely monitor these area and take fences down as soon as they can. There are also a number of trees and shrubs to be planted which I will describe in more detail soon.

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One Response to Construction completion

  1. Hi Pond Team

    This is looking great. I showed this to a colleague here in Northern Argentina for the recuperation and improvement of a lake in the University of Tucumán’s Experimental Reserve which houses trafficked, endangered and otherwise damaged wildlife in part of the the University’s Parque San Javier

    We are hoping to use your ideas and plans for protection for marginal planting in the ponds to regenerate the edges of the lake – and protect from the tapirs, peccaries and other animals that visit the lake to bathe and drink.

    I love the heath and miss it – and look forward to seeing the progress when I am back next March for some teaching in London.


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