Ponds project progress

The finishing touches are being added to the various sites with the construction elment of the project expected to be finished on programme by the end of the month.

The spillway at Highgate No. 1 pond is now covered in turf.


Highgate No 1 spillway

On the path past Men’s Bathing Pond, we are removing a section of the old path, and instead making the diversion (where the old pond box stood) the permanent path. This is to protect the roots of a veteran oak tree, which is nearby.


Old path removed to protet veteran oak



Section of path from causeway by Model Boating Pond

The Model Boating pond is now almost finished, with some finishing work taking place on the paths around it. From next Wednesday (12, October) at 10.30am the paths will be open to the public. The island and the areas which have been turfed and seeded will remain fenced off to protect the ground until the grass has become established.


Model Boating Pond

The swan family from Highgate No. 1 must have heard about the new re-landscaped pond and have moved up to have a closer look.


Swans on Model Boating Pond

The new aquatic plants are now being fenced off to protect them from wildfowl and dogs


Fencing aquatic plants

Around Model Boating Pond there are a number of different edges – some with reeds, some without, and some the original sheet pile finish. This part of the design was developed after consultation with stakeholders, and is to ensure the pond can still be used by anglers and model boaters. An example of the new hard edge can be seen below – top soil is still to be placed behind the wooden poles to fill the gap.


Hard edge at Model Boating Pond

Hydroseeding has been taking place this week in the compound next to Model Boating Pond. The seed is applied with a blue/green dye which helps with a more even distribution.


Hydroseeded area


Hydroseeded area

The final path surface has been laid at Stock Pond. A golden gravel has been applied to the tarmac finish.


Stock Pond

A similar finish has been applied at Vale of Health, Mixed Pond and the causeway between Hampstead 1 and 2.


Vale of Health


Mixed Pond


Hampstead No. 2 causeway

A similar finish is to be applied to the path which runs past Sports Pitch and that work is taking place now.


Path to be resurfaced

Aquatic planting is currently underway at Hampstead No. 1 pond and at Mixed Pond.


Hampstead No. 1


Mixed Pond

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