Ponds Project Progress

With less than six weeks left until the end of construction there is pleantly of activity happening across all of the sites.

Path resurfacing works are going well with around 200m (next to Men’s Pond) still to be laid. This will take place next week. At some points the edges of the path have been filled in with top soil which will be seeded.


New path surface at Parliament Hill

The spillway is under construction at Highgate No. 1. The new path has now been laid and is open. These pictures from earlier this week show the path surfacing in progress.


Highgate No. 1 – path surfacing


Highgate No. 1 – path surfacing

The spillway will be turfed now that the path has been completed.

The spillway at Men’s Pond has now been turfed and the works at this pond are now finished. The spillway will remain fenced off from the public to allow the turf to become established.


Men’s Pond spillway

Works continue on aquatic planting at Model Boating Pond, and the final earthworks are taking place in the compound to the west of the pond.


Island taken from the dam


New dam with aquatic planting in front, looking east


Eygyptian goose admiring the new island


Island looking north-east


Model Boat sailing on pond


Island and pond – looking east

One section of the new path around the pond may look slightly different and this is due to the fact a special pourous surface is being used to protect the tree roots underneath. The path goes between a willow and an oak which we were keen to protect.

MBP 21 Sep 2016 (27).JPG

Section of path which will have pourous surface

The area which was borrow pit has now been finished and the ground has been carefully  prepared for hydroseeding. Hydroseeding is a planting process which uses a mulch of seed and water. This is spryaed from a hose. It enables large areas to be seeded in a relatively short space of time.


Model Boating Pond compound

Over on the Hampstead Chain, the Sports Pitch is now waiting for the ground to be prepared for hydroseeding. The mounds you can see in the background of the below picture, is the topsoil which will be spread out first.


Sports Pitch

The top of the Catchpit is now being shaped into its final profile.



Aquatic works are currenly taking place at Mixed Pond. Planting is taking place at both northern and southern ends of the pond. The planting at the northern end of the pond is a mixture of common clubrush, lesser pond sedge and yellow iris. These plants will help to filtrate the water as it arrives in to Mixed Pond from further up the chain. At the southern end, the plants are a mixture of soft rush, water mint, gypsywort, purple loosestrife, lesser pond sedge and yellow iris. These plants will look good, and also help oxygen levels in the ponds and provide good habitat for wildlife.

There are also more aquatic works due to take place at Hampstead No. 1 and No. 2.

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