Progress Update

The past weeks of hot and dry weather have been good for progress on the ground, but the rainfall today is also welcome to help the water levels in the ponds recover .

On Monday, path re-surfacing works commenced on a 100m length on the main path from the playground at Parliament Hill. The whole path up to Model Boating Pond is to be replaced, in 100m sections, as part of the project.


Path resurfacing works on Wednesday 16 Sep


Path resurfacing on Thursday 17 Sep

Work contouring the spillway at Highgate No. 1 is now underway.


Highgate no. 1

The dam crest has also now been raised.


Dam crest at Highgate No. 1

The island at Model Boating Pond is now almost fully excavated, and the earthworks on the hillside to the west are also nearing completion.



The downstream side of the Catchpit is now almost fully turfed.



Some finishing works have taken place around the wooden decking over the inlet at Hampstead No. 2

Hampstead no. 2 14 Sep 2016.JPG

Hampstead No. 2

Aquatic planting will be taking place on Mixed Pond and Hampstead No. 1 next week.

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