Progress update

More warm and dry weather have created good conditions for the last weeks of the Ponds Project.

The spillway at Highgate no. 1 will soon be excavated. When finished it will be covered in turf.


Spillway area at Highgate No. 1

The works are progressing well at Model Boating Pond with one half of the island now complete. You can see photos of the excavator breaking though the clay here.


Aquatic planting preparation at Model Boating Pond


The new paths around Model Boating Pond


The island from the eastern bank


The extended compound area

The turf has now been laid and is establishing well at Ladies Pond, and at Stock Pond. Fencing is temporarily put around the turf to allow it to establish.


Stock Pond

The Cathcpit has also be partially turfed.


The Catchpit

The wild-flower turf at Mixed Pond is also establishing well. This type of turf, which is being used in many different locations, was specifically grown and contains a mix of native grasses and wilflowers which grow naturally on the Heath.


Mixed Pond

Mixed pond causeway 7th Sept 2016 (2).JPG

Mixed Pond

Aquatic planting has been taking place at Hampstead No. 2, with the creation of some new reed beds on the western bank.


Planting revetment in Hampstead No. 2


Planting revetments in Hampstead No. 2

There are further aquatic works to take place in Hampstead No. 1, Mixed Pond, Model Boating Pond and Highgate No. 1 pond.



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