Progress on the Ponds Project

As the dry weather continues to hold, conditions are good for the final weeks of construction.

At Men’s Pond, the final section of aquatic planting is being installed.


Men’s Pond

The channel around the island has now been partially filled, with water from the main body of Model Boating Pond.


Model Boating Pond island


Panoramic view from the dam


Northern end of island


View of island and pond looking south-east

The new path is being laid on the western edge of the pond to replac the old path. This will eventually have a black-top tar finish.


Path under construction


West-side of island (looking north)

The high fencing around the extended compound is now down, and has been relaced by less imposing net fencing, which will remain in place until the grass and wildflowers have become established.


Panoramic view of extended compound

At the Catchpit, turf is being laid on the downstream face.





Downstream of Catchpit, aquatic planting is now due to take place on Mixed Pond, Hamstead No. 1 and 2. This includes the creation of reed beds. This will be done by the installation of coir rolls, which help vegetation to establish quickly, and rock rolls, which create edges around the new aquatic plants.


Coir rolls


Rock rolls

In total 25,000 new aquatic plants of 15 different species will be planted as part of the Ponds Project, across all of the ponds. This will result in an additional 1700 cubic metres of aquatic planting which is an important habitat the Heath does not currently have in abundance. Not only do these plants help improve water quality by oxygenating it, they also provide good habitat and feeding for fish, birds and amphibians. They also have the added benefit of looking attractive around the pond edges.

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