Construction update

Progress continues as we move towards the end of the construction phase of the project, in October.

Highgate No. 1’s trianing wall is now almost finished with only work on the crest raising and spllway to be completed.


Training wall at Highgate No. 1

At Model Boating Pond, work is in progress installing the aquatic planting which will be placed around much of the new dam face and the new island. This planting has several benefits: it is visually attractive and makes the pond look natural; it provides excellent habitat for nesting birds, amphibians and fish; and it helps improve water quality by filtering and oxygenating the water. Previously the Model Boating Pond had been one of the worst on the Heath for biodiversity, but these new plants will change this situation, giving the pond a much richer ecological future.


Installing revetments for aquatic plants


Installing revetments for aqautic plants around the new island

The high heras fencing has now been completely removed around the extended compound and replaced with net fencing. This fencing has been put in place to protect the ground and also the newly seeded grass and wilflowers to grow. It will stay in place until the grass and wilflowers become established (approximately one growing season). If you would like to read more about the restoration of this area, you can read about it here.


The Ladies Pond Spillway area is now being prepared for turfing.


Ladies Pond spillway

All of the silt from Viaduct has now been removed from the Sports Pitch area. Some material will now be taken from the top in order to fill up the borrow pit in Pryor’s Field. The area will then be restored as a flat grassy field.


Sports Pitch area

The wooden decking at Hampstead No. 2 outlet is now almost finished and affords a lovely vew into the pond.


Hampstead No. 2

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