Word from the ponds

With summer in full swing and the recent dry spell (to be broken over this weekend!), the conditions have been good for construction works.

Now that the works on top of the dam have been completed at Highgate No. 1, the focus is now on the spillway area. A training wall, made of oak sleepers, has been built along the boundary of Brookfield Mansions. In the event of the spillway coming into use, this wall will keep water on the spillway, and prevent it from flowing into the block of flats at Brookfield.


Training wall at Highgate No. 1


View of Highgate No. 1 from the dam

The upstream dam face at Model Boating Pond has now been turfed and is being watered daily to ensure the survival of the new turf.


Downstream face of Model Boating Pond

The path on top of the dam is now open to the public, with the Marylebone Bird Watchers spotting a kingfisher and a buzzard from the vantage point earlier this week.

Earthworks are taking place on the western side of the ponds, as the hillside is sculpted  as close to the original contours as possible.


View of the pond from the hillside to the west.

The island has now been excavated, apart from two narrow stips on each side, and revetments for the new aquatic plants are being installed.


Revetments for aquatic plants


The island

The high construction fencing has come down around the extended compound, and has been replaced with stock fening which will remain in place until the vegetation has had a chance to become established.


Extended compound

Turfing is now almost finished at Stock Pond.


Stock Pond

Desilting works at Viaduct Pond are now almost finished. Water quality will be much enhanced thanks to the removal of silt and debris from the pond bed.



The causeway at Mixed Pond is looking green and the turf is establishing well.


Mixed Pond


View of Mixed Pond across Hampstead No. 2

At Hampstead No. 2, work on the decking area continues and will be finished very soon.


Decking at Hampstead No. 2


Swan family with Hampstead No. 2 outlet in background.

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