Progress update

As we approach mid-August, the Ponds Project continues to make good progress.

At Highgate No. 1, the timber capping on the sheet-pile dam is now finished. Work will soon begin on the spillway and training wall.


Highgate No. 1

Men’s Pond is finished other than some final aquatic planting, some fencing and turfing of the spillway.


Men’s Pond

Turfing is underway on the new dam at Model Boating Pond and the new path on top will be open to the public from Monday.


Turf being laid on new dam


New path to be opened on Monday


Island, looking south.


Egyptian geese enjoying the tranquility of the new island

The island is almost fully excavated, and water will be pumped into the channel in around two weeks. The reason for this delay is due to the weather and water levels. When the new channel is filled, the levels will drop temporarily in the existing pond, so BAM Nuttall are waiting until there is some wet weather forecast before this is completed.

The borrow pit is now completely filled and the extended work compound is being restored to grass land.


Borrow pit


Extended compound area

Desilting continues at Viaduct. Below is a photo of all the debris pulled out during the desilting operation.


Debris from Viaduct


Look closely and you can see a moped which was pulled from the bottom.


And a rather grubby teddy bear.

At Hampstead No. 2, the decking is being constructed. This includes a hand rail for safety.


Hampstead No. 2

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