Latest from the Ponds Project

The timber capping on the sheet-pile wall at Highgate No 1 is progressing well.


Highgate No. 1


Highgate No. 1

Some ducting work between Highgate No. 1 and Men’s Bathing Pond is due to take place soon.  More on this here.

Men’s Pond is waiting on some fencing, and the turf for the spillway.


Men’s Bathing Pond

Preparations are underway to lay turf on the upstream face of the new dam at Model Boating Pond.


The upstream side of the dam at Model Boating Pond

The causeway to the island has now been constructed and the pipe which goes underneath is currently being finished off.


Model Boating Pond

At Ladies Pond, the fencing is now in place around the spillway. Reinforced turf will be laid here soon.


Ladies Pond spillway

The desilting work at Viaduct is now almost complete. Rock-rolls (visible in the picture below) are to be placed into the pond by the edges to ensure the new reed beds do not encroach into the pond.



Mixed Pond causeway is looking good with all turf now in place.


The decking of the inlet at Hampstead No. 2 continues.


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