Limited access to path

IMG_7717.JPGOver the next day or two there is some work taking place to connect up power supplies which will power the new aerators which are being fitted in the ponds. One of these power supplies is located on the north edge of Highgate No.1, next the path between Highgate No. 1 and Men’s Bathing Pond. The photograph above shows the location of the new cabinet which will house the electrical supply.  The aerators will help oxygenate the water and improve the water quality. To connect the supply, some ducting needs to be run beneath the path. This is the best place for it, to avoid tree roots. While the work takes place the path will have limited access for pedestrians. We apologise for the inconvenience this may cause.

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2 Responses to Limited access to path

  1. Armorer Wason says:

    The photo doesn’t show the shiny, hideous, large green box that now sits on the concrete base. It’s a dreadful eyesore, and quite out of keeping with the pond and otherwise more sympathetic works. I haven’t seen any references to the placing of these boxes – there is another near the Ladies’ Pond. Will they be screened? How??? Something needs to be done!


    • Hello – we’ve been speaking to the Community Working Group about these cabinets, which are necessary for the aerators. They were also spoken about with the Ponds Project Stakeholder Group a couple of years ago. We agree that they need screening and we’ve got a plan to carry this out using vegetation.


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