Update – 3 months to go

With only 3 months of construction on the project left to go, it’s all hands on deck finishing off the construction element at the various ponds.

On Highgate No. 1, a timber capping is being added to the the sheet-pile wall.


Highgate No. 1

At Men’s Pond, the construction of the sheet-pile wall has been completed, with only fencing and turfing of the spillway left.


Spillway waiting to be turfed at Men’s Pond

The aquatic planting which was put in a month or so ago, is esablishing well. Not only does this planting look nice and help soften the pond edge, it also has a beneficial impact on water quality and provides good habitat for wildlife to feed and nest. It must first become established, and it is fenced off to protect it from wildfowl while it is immature.


Aquatic planting at Men’s Pond

As Model Boating Pond the island is nearly fully excavated.


Island at Model Boating Pond

The borrow pit is also now full up.


Borrow pit

Turfing is now beeing finished at Stock Pond


Stock Pond

An operation to desilt Viaduct Pond is still underway. This is taking longer than planned due to the amount of debris in the pond. The pictures below show how the operation takes place.



An excavator removes silt and larger debris and places it in a skip which is being floated on pontoons



These are then separated and the silt is being left to dry in the work compounds, before it will be placed in the borrow pit at Pryor’s Field.



Woody debris removed from the pond

At Catchpit, a channel south of the dam is currently being exacavated. This is another environmental enhancement  to the Heath and will provide good habitat for amphibians and birds to feed from.


Channel south of Catchpit dam

Turfing is now nearly complete at Mixed Pond.


Mixed Pond

The decking is now being added to the top of the Hampstead 2 outlet, with a little help from the swans!


Hampstead No. 2

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  1. mark cinnamon says:

    Many thanks for the updates They are very informative and appreciated


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