Progress update

It’s been a hot and busy week on Hampstead Heath. The construction works continue to progress well, with less than 4 months left in the construction phase of the programme.

With piling completed at Highgate No. 1, BAM are now preparing the sheet-piles for their oak timber capping.


Highgate No. 1


On Tuesday, BAM also launched a tern raft on Highgate No. 1. More on this here.

At Men’s Pond, the spillway is now under construction. This will be grass lined when completed.


Men’s Pond

The island at Model Boating Pond is now really taking shape. With only a small section of land left at the northern end, and a larger section at the southern end. When the time comes, water will be pumped into the channel around the island from the rest of the pond, which will temporarily reduce the levels.



Excavations for the Model Boating Pond island

Further up the hill, the borrow pit is not almost completely filled back up to existing levels, and the area where silt had been drying (the compound extension) will now be restored back to grassland.


Compound extension at Model Boating Pond

Ladies Pond and Stock Pond still await their reinforced turf for their spillways.


Ladies Pond spillway

Desilting is going well at Viaduct Pond, with approximately one week left to go.


Viaduct Pond

The heatwave has provided perfect conditions for drying out silt.



Silt from Viaduct Pond being spread out to dry before it will then be placed in the borrow pit at Pryor’s Field


Borrow pit at Pryor’s Field

The new dam at Catchpit is now at full height. The silt trap upstream of the dam, is to be replanted with plants and vegetation which were retained from the same location. This work will take place in consultation with the Heath’s ecology team.

Catchpit new sediment trap 24th June 2016 (2)

Catchpit silt trap



Plants waiting to be relocated

The creation of a new channel and wetland area¬†south of the Catchpit is to take place next week, again in consultation with the Heath’s ecology team.


Location of new channel and wetland area, south of Catchpit dam

At Mixed Pond, the earth bund is now being turfed.


Mixed Pond



And at Hampstead No. 2, work has started on the timber cladding of the outlet.


Hampstead No. 2

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