Progress update

As we hit mid July, and with less than four months left of the Ponds Project construction stage, progress continues apace.

The piling at Highgate No. 1 has been particularly speedy and the works have been completed this week. This is the last of the piling work to take place on the whole project.


Sheet pile wall at Highgate No. 1 from the eastern edge of the dam looking west

This sheet pile wall is 1.25m in height and will have a timber capping placed on top. It is well disguised from the Heath side as you can see in the picture below.


Spot the dam from Highgate No. 1 (by the dog swim area).

At Men’s Pond, a timber capping has been added to the sheet-pile wall and a training wall made of oak sleepers has also been constructed along the side of what will be the new spillway. This training wall keeps the flow of water on the spillway and ensures it does not cause erosion of the dam.


Oak sleeper training wall


Timber capped sheet pile wall at Men’s Pond

At Model Boating Pond, the earthworks on the dam are more or less finished with the paths currently being worked constructed.


New path on-top of dam at Model Boating Pond

Excavation of the island is also going well, with the causeway which will connect the island to the mainland being created at the moment.


The new western edge of the pond with the island on the right


Island is on the left in the above pic (looking south)

The borrow pit in the compound at Model Boating Pond is also filling up. Quite a change from a couple of months ago. The below picure on the left is the borrow pit at it’s deepest in May, and the picture on the right shows the level now.

Laying turf has proven to be quite challenging in the last few weeks due to the changeable weather as it requires dry conditions to lay, then wet conditions when it’s down. The turf at Stock Pond is currently establishing and only the reinforced turf has still to be laid. This will hopefully take place next week.


Stock Pond – looking green

Viaduct desilting is now in full swing. Plenty of woody debris has been removed from the pond ped along with the silt.


Excavaotrs removing silt from Viaduct

Catchpit is now at it’s final height, with only some trimming left to do. This clay structure will be covered in topsoil and seeded with grass when finished. We also think it will become a popular walkway for visitors through the former valley.


Catchpit dam

Environmental works are due to take place south of the new dam which will include the introduction of a new channel and some wetland scrapes to provide some additional habitat for wildlife.

At Mixed Pond the clay bund has been shaped and topsoil added. This will also be covered with grass when finished.


Clay bund at Mixed Pond

The works on the causeway between Hampstead No. 1 and 2 are almost finished, with only the final surfacing to be added at a later date. Fishing pegs have also been created along the causeway.


Edging works at Hampstead No. 2

Timber decking still needs to be added to the outlet (pictured below)


Outlet at Hampstead No. 2

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