The Ponds Project continues

The recent stormy weather has not impacted progress on the Ponds project which continues at pace.

Some initial piling has taken place at Highgate No. 1 and the rest of the piling will begin next week. This will be done using a silent vibration-less technique as the piles are pushed into place by a Gehkin piling rig. This method has been used successfully during the project at various locations and means minimal disruption to people and wildlife.

The sheet-pile wall at Men’s Pond is now complete, with a timber capping still to be added. The wall will have planting on both sides to help it blend in to its surroundings.


Men’s Pond

Work is taking place on the new paths which sit on the dam at Model Boating Pond.


Roling the pondside path

The island at Model Boating Pond is also being excavated.


Edge of the channel next to the new island

Turf is now arriving for the Ladies Pond and Stock Pond.

Our Ecologist took this amazing picture of the Kingfisher near the Ladies Pond, taking fish to their young in the nest.

Kingfisher Bird Sanctuary 24th June 2016 crop 2 (6)

On the Hampstead Chain, the Viaduct Pond is now being prepared for desilting. The logs are being removed first, before the silt is taken out.


Floating platform to be used during the disilting process at Viaduct

The sediment trap at Catchpit is now finished. Below is a picture of this trap, before it was flooded and then, after.


Sediment trap – before

Catchpit new sediment trap 24th June 2016 (2)

Sediment trap – after

At Mixed Pond, the clay bund is currently under construction. This is to be covered in grass when finished. Turf for the downstream side of the cuseway is due to be laid soon.


Mixed Pond

At Hampstead No. 2, decking work needs to take place along with resurfacing of the path which runs between Hampstead No. 1 and No 2. This is the path which links South Hill Park to the Heath. While it is resurfaced, this path will need to be closed for two weeks from Monday 27 June, although it will be open on the weekend of 2 and 3 July. We apologise for any inconvenicence this causes.

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