Viaduct pond desilted

This week preparations are underway to remove silt from Viaduct Pond. An attempt was made to desilt this pond earlier in the year, but the amount of logs and debris in the pond made the suction technique impossible as they kept getting caught in the machinery.

This pond is one of the worst in terms of water quality, so desilting it is essential to help improve the water quality and to give aquatic life a chance to thrive.

Another method to desilt has been drawn up which will involve the logs being removed by a mini-excavator which will be floated on the pond, taking approximately one week. The logs are to be kept on the Heath and used as brash piles which are excellent habitat for a variety of invertebrates.

After the majority of debris has been removed, the silt will then be dug out of the pond using a floating excavator and placed into a small barge. From the barge it will be pumped down to the sports field area where it will be left to dry. This should take around two to three weeks.

When the silt is dry, it will then be placed in the borrow pit in Pryor’s Field which are currently being excavated of clay to build the Catchpit dam.

While this work takes place, the path on top of the Viaduct dam is closed to the public. The below map shows the area that is closed and an alternative route. This area will be closed for approximately 3-4 weeks.


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