Progress update

As we approach mid-summer, there continues to be good progress on the Ponds Project, despite the wet weather.

Work is soon to commence at Highgate No. 1. A crane mat has been built in preparation for piling works. The sheet-metal piles (on the left in the below picture) will form a wall, which will raise the dam.


Crane mat at Highgate No. 1

At Men’s Bathing Pond, the sheet-pile wall is almost fully installed.


Men’s Pond

The piles have been installed using a silent-vibration less method. This is done with a Gekin piling rig.


Piling rig in operation

Once the sheet-piles are all in position, a timber cap will be added to the top. The spillway at Men’s will be the final piece of work carried out at this location.

At Model Boating Pond, the new dam is now in its finished profile, with the edges being worked on now.


New dam at Model Boating Pond



Panoramic photo from on top of the dam. 

Excavations are now underway around the island on the western edge of the pond.


The start of excavations for the island.

At Stock and Ladies, only turfing remains to be done.


Ladies’ spillway awaiting turf

On the Hampstead Chain, the Catchpit is steadily growing in height, and a new silt-trap is being built to catch silt before it continues down the chain to Mixed Pond.




Silt-trap north of Catchpit

The heras fencing has now been taken down at Mixed Pond, where resurfacing works are currently underway.


Mixed Pond

Below is a picture of the same view from the early 1900’s. (Picture courtesy of Micheal Hammerson).

Bathing Ponds 1

Historical postcard of Mixed Pond causeway

The outlet is almost finished at Hampstead No. 2, with only some wooden decking to be added to the top.


The new outlet at Hampstead No. 2

The causeway between Hampstead No. 1 and No. 2 is also due to be raised and resurfaced as part of the project, which means it will need to be temporarily closed for around two weeks. We will announce dates for this closure soon.

Desilting work has also started at Viaduct Pond  – more on that here.

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