Highgate No. 1

The final pond to have Ponds Project work is Highgate No. 1. This is the last pond in the Highgate Chain and is home to a pair of swans and many other waterfowl. It also has a popular dog swim area and has good habitat for amphibians and fish.

At the pond, the dam is being raised by 1.25m with a sheet pile wall with a timber cap. This is very similar to the work which is taking place at Men’s Pond. A grass lined spillway will also be created at the southern edge of the pond. This allows water to leave the pond safely in the event of a large flood. A timber retaining wall will be build along the eastern edge of the spillway (where the boundary of the Heath meet’s Brookfield Mansion’s boundary). This will be constructed from timber sleepers. There is a proposal that a similar wall be built at the other end of the dam, on the land of one of the adjoining landowners.

The below map shows the position of the spillway, in bright green at bottom right of plan, and the new wall runs along the right hand side of the pond. The wall is set back and will be allowed to be covered in vegetation so should not be very visible from the Heath.

Highgate No1 Pond

A PDF of this image, which can be zoomed in , is available here:

Highgate No1 Pond

The timber training wall will look like the image below, except it will be five sleepers high.

Training wall

The below images are the verified views taken from the planning application. They show the view of the dam at Highgate No. 1 as you approach from the south. The first image was the existing view (taken in 2013) and the second image is the after image. You can see the timber training wall to the left, running down the edge of the grass.

Pages from Verified Views_Page_1Pages from Verified Views_Page_2

Works here are due to start soon, and fences have already been put up in the spillway area. More details on the programme of works will be posted here soon.

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