Update- 13 months in

As the Ponds Project reaches it’s 13 month milestone, there is activity across all of the work sites.

Fencing has now gone up at Highgate No. 1. This is the last pond in the programme and work is due to start soon. More will follow on this blog.


Highgate No. 1

At Men’s Pond, the sheet-piling is progressing well.Nearly one half of the piles are in position.


Piling at Men’s Pond

At Model Boating Pond the new dam is still being shaped and contoured


View of the new dam from Men’s Bathing Pond dam


View from the top of the new dam


New overflow pipe at Model Boating Pond

Silt is now being moved to the base of the borrow pits in the hillside west of the pond.


Bottom of borrow pit

The new spillway at Ladies Pond is now waiting on its turf. Some aquatic planting also needs to take place here and then the pond is finished.


Spillway at Ladies Pond

At Stock Pond, the Heath’s conservation team have added some check dams on the outflow stream of the Stock Pond. This slows the path of water and provides good feeding and habitat for various birds and amphibians.


Check dams at Stock Pond

The work is now almost complete at Hampstead No. 1, with the labyrinth weir now finished. Aquatic planting still needs to take place around the weir to help it bled into its surroundings.


Labyrinth Weir

The concrete inlet structure is also complete at Hampstead No. 2. Wooden decking will be placed on top of this structure to allow access as a pond viewing platform.


Concrete inlet structure at Hampstead No. 2

At Mixed Pond, the downstream side of the causeway in under construction with a water-side fence due to be added next week.


Preparations for a new fence

At Catchpit, the new dam continues to grow in height. It’s final height will be 5.6 m high from the lowest point in the valley.




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