Water levels at Model Boating Pond

You may have noticed that in the past two weeks, water has appeared in the formerly drained section of Model Boating Pond, next to the new dam.


New dam (on left) and water (on right)

This area has been re-flooded ahead of the removal of the temporary sheet metal dam, visible on the right in the above picture, next week. The water levels in the main area of the pond will drop further as more water is pumped into the smaller area to create a balance in the levels.

The sheet piles will be removed the same way  they went in, using a piling rig, which is to be floated on pontoons.


The piling rig installing the sheet metal piles last year

Although the water levels throughout the pond will drop temporarily, as the area of the pond is expanded and the smaller section re-flooded, they will soon naturally increase again to the permanent water level of the pond, which is unchanged.

While water levels are low, we ask that people do not wade into the pond as there are many dangerous obstructions on the pond bed.

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