Progress update

The new raised dam at Model Boating Pond is really taking shape.


View looking east along the causeway between Model Boating Pond and Men’s Bathing Pond


View looking west


View looking south-west

At the moment the dam is stepped up on both sides – this is not the final shape, it is only this way to aid the construction.

Here are some views from on top of the new dam:


View looking north from new dam


View looking south from new dam

The construction of the new path at the south-east corner of the path is well underway.


New path at Model Boating Pond

At the other sites, work is also progressing well.

At Men’s Pond, the aquatic planting is underway and piling began on Wednesday.


Crane used in piling at Men’s Bathing Pond


Aquatic planting


First sheet-pile partially in place.

Some minor resurfacing took place at Bird Sanctuary last week.


Bird Sanctuary

Stone will be rolled into this tarmac so it matches the path surface on either side. This marks the completion of works at Bird Sanctuary.

The spillway at Ladies has now been shaped and is ready for turf to be laid in June.


Spillway at Ladies Pond

On the Hampstead Chain, there has been slower progress at Hampstead No. 1 and 2. Both involve complicated structures which have been challenging to build.


The culvert structure now covered in clay and top-soil


Preparing for one of final concrete pours of the inlet structure

At Mixed Bathing, the second half of the causeway is now being prepared for resurfacing.


Mixed Pond causeway

Finally, at Catchpit, clay is now being placed to raise the dry dam.



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