Swans and the Ponds Project

Over the weekend there were concerns about the swans and young cygnets on Hampstead No. 1 pond. Periodically, the adult swans take their young to Hampstead No. 2 pond to feed and they did this on Sunday. They adult swans did the same last year and yesterday members of the public were concerned they could then not get back to Hampstead No. 1 pond. One corner of Hampstead No. 2 pond is cordoned off as a work site, however there are other locations the swans can get in and out of the pond.

Our Ranger Team, who themselves have many years of experience with swans, contacted the Swan Sanctuary to get advice from them on this situation and were advised they should not try to capture the swans or cygnets and move them back across as this might cause distress or injury to the swans. Their advice was to leave the swans and let them find a way back across. Last year we installed a small ramp to help the swans get in and out of the pond. We will look at making this wider so it is easier for the swans to use.

This morning, all of the swans were safely back on Hampstead No. 1. It is worth remembering that the swans are wild birds and wherever possible we leave them alone to live their lives.

Swan and cygnets Hampstead No.2 May 2015 (5) AB

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