Progress update

As another week draws to a close, good progress is being made at all of the work sites.

Work at Men’s Bathing Pond is now underway. In my previous blog post I describe the work that will happen here.

Currently, the marginal planting shelves (where reeds will be planted) are being filled with silt (see photo below). Next week the sheet-piles (which will raise the dam by 1m), and crane to install them, are due to arrive and there will be a four week installation period. They are to be installed using a silent-vibration-less method which has been used successfully at Model Boating and Ladies Pond.


Men’s Pond – marginal planting shelves being backfilled

Swimming is not affected by this work which takes place at the southern end of the pond, clear of the swimming area. When the angling season opens in mid-June, there may be some areas on the dam which are temporarily inaccessible to anglers due to the works.

The dam is now at its finished height at Model Boating Pond (see photo below). The section is the middle will be built up when the scour pipe has been installed.


Raised dam at Model Boating Pond

BAM Nuttall are now working on a path diversion around the south-east corner of the pond to allow them to continue the construction of the dam.


Path diversion at south-east corner of dam

The building at Ladies Pond is now open to swimmers and the only works that remain at this pond are on the spillway. The concrete stilling basin (which sits at the end of the spillway) and was constructed in the winter has been uncovered again. It had been used as a crane platform to install the building and was covered in material to protect it.


Stilling basin at Ladies Pond

The area around the stilling basin will be turfed and the stilling basin itself will be covered in topsoil so it blends in with its surroundings.

At Hampstead No. 1, the concrete culverts have now been covered in clay and topsoil and this will be planted with plug plants and shrubs in the autumn.


At Hampstead No. 2, the team are preparing for another concrete pour next week. This is for the walls of the inlet structure.


Preparations for the concrete pour at Hampstead no. 2

At Mixed Pond, the team are now working on the downstream side of the causeway. Some ducting work was taking place there this week.


Ducting installed at Mixed Pond

At Catchpit, the final concrete pours were taking place for the surrounds of the pipe which runs underneath the dry dam.


Concrete work around the pipe at Catchpit



When this pipe has been completed, the dam will then be built up with clay excavated from Pryor’s Field.

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