Men’s Pond

Construction work at Men’s Bathing Pond is soon to begin. Environmental works have already taken place at this pond, including desilting (which took place in December 2015) and the creation of a planting shelf for reed beds (which took place last month). The construction works here include the raising of the existing dam by 1m using a sheet-pile wall with an oak timber capping. This sheet-pile wall will replace the existing fence which runs along the top of the dam.


The current fence is the line of the new wall. The posts in the water are the new planting shelves.

BAM Nuttall will install this sheet-pile wall using the same technique they have used elsewhere on the project – by pressing the piles into place. This is a silent, vibration-less method specially chosen to minimise impact to the the Heath and its users.

A spillway (25m at its widest point) is also to be created in the south-west corner of the pond. In the event of a large flood, this grass lined spillway will allow water to move safely from the pond down the chain to the pond downstream without causing damage to the dam. You can see the shape of the spillway in the plan below – at the bottom, centre of the image in in bright green.

Mens Bathing Pond environmental masterplan

Here is a PDF of of the above image: Mens Bathing Pond environmental masterplan

The work in this location is scheduled to last for four months and will be complete in August 2016. The pond will be open for swimming as normal while these works take place.

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