Model Boating Pond – path changes

If you have been on the Heath in the  last few weeks, you will have noticed some major changes at Model Boating Pond. The once drained section of Model Boating pond has now been filled with clay as part of the new dam construction. This dam will be 2.5m higher than existing ground level and when finished will look like a grassy slope.


The level of clay rises with each layer


The sheep’s foot roler compacts the clay

The final design will look like the following artists impressions

In the next week, we have to make some changes to the paths around the southern end of the pond to allow work to continue safely. This includes narrowing the path which runs along the causeway between Model Boating Pond and Men’s Bathing Pond. This path will be narrowed to approximately 1.5m from Tuesday, 3 May for a a few months. Cyclists will be asked to dismount while on this norrowed section of path. This narrowing will take place rather than a path closure to minimise disruption to Heath visitors, however there will be a short period (approximately two weeks) when the path will be closed completely.

We will also be diverting the footpath on the south-eastern side of the pond. A temporary path will be laid while work takes place in this location. The wooden stakes in the photo below show the route of this path diversion.


We apologise for any disruption while these changes to the paths take place.

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7 Responses to Model Boating Pond – path changes

  1. Miles says:

    the artists impression of the Model Boating Pond shows reed beds almost all the way around the pond. Planting of reed beds would constitute a change of use as a model boating pond needs access to all banks to retrieve model boats. Is this correct?


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