Taking safety seriously

Due to the sensitivities around carrying out construction work on Hampstead Heath, the contractors, BAM Nuttall, were chosen after very careful consideration.

The selection process included officers from the Heath, the engineering team at the City of London, Atkins, who designed the Ponds Project and members of the public who were on the Ponds Project Stakeholder Group.

One of the most crucial aspects of this selection process was that the contractor was respectful to the Heath while the work was carried out and able to carry out a large construction project while keeping the Heath open and accessible to its many visitors.


BAM Nuttall have a health and safety vision called ‘Beyond Zero.’ The values of this are:

  • Respectful – We care for others as individuals
  • Inventive – We never stop wanting to make things better
  • Trustworthy – We mean what we say and we do what we say
  • Inclusive – We actively seek and value the input of everyone
  • Responsible – We take responsibility for the long term impact of our actions

Escorting a Delivery

BAM’s Health and Safety policy requires every member of staff has a site induction, which includes information about the Heath and the restrictions which must be adhered too. This includes the policy of driving at 5mph and giving way to pedestrians. Staff are also reminded of these restrictions at regular staff briefings.


If a breech of these restrictions occurs, BAM have a card system – the first breech results in an amber card and site procedures are reviewed. With a second breech another amber card is issued and the member of staff is asked to leave site for the day to reflect on the issue. If a third breech occurs, or a more serious breech as a first offence, a red card will be issued. This can result in the member of staff being asked to leave permanently.

BAM have issued amber and red cards for driving related incidents during the Ponds Project, as safety of Heath visitors is paramount to everyone involved in the project.

If you have any concerns about anything related to the Ponds Project please contact the Ponds Project Liaison Officer: Mob 07912 041328, tel 020 7332 3847

Email: ponds.project@cityoflondon.gov.uk


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