Birds eye view

We recently commissioned a drone to take some photographs of the Model Boating Pond and the Catchpit sites (the two largest work sites on the project).


Model Boating Pond – looking north-east


Model Boating Pond – borrow pits and silt storage


The new dam under construction at Model Boating Pond


The extended compound, being used to store silt


The Catchpit dam under construction (looking south)


Pryor’s Field borrow pit


Pryor’s Field borrow pit


Panorama including the lower Hampstead Chain and Pryor’s Field borrow pit

Please note this drone footage was specially commissioned by the City of London to record the project. Flying drones is not permitted without permission.

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3 Responses to Birds eye view

  1. Miles says:

    The devastation is quite shocking. People certainly didn’t expect this degree of scarring to their Heath.


  2. Dylan Kerrigan says:

    I agree with Miles. Shocking how far the scarring and destruction of the land went. The work was hardly justified. The proposals were ill conceived and the corp ignored the majority viewpoint.


    • Thanks for your comment and we’re sorry you feel that way. The works are essential dam safety works which are required by law and we had no choice but to carry out. We’ve chosen to use material on site (which is why we have large work compounds) as this is much more sustainable than bringing material on to the Heath in vehicles. This decision was taken in consultation with user groups during an extensive engagement process which is still continuing now. Upon completion of the construction works, top soil will be returned to the work compounds and the areas will be seeded with grass and wildflowers.


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