Progress Update

The works are continuing to progress well at Model Boating Pond with further clay being placed in the excavated pond to build up the dam.



Clay forming the base of the new dam

You can watch the earthworks progress on our timelapse camera.

At Ladies Pond, the work is on schedule for the arrival of the new building next week. The main concrete pour was a success and there is one final smaller pour tomorrow.


Concrete base at Ladies Pond

The works at Stock Pond are now almost complete, the path was due to be surfaced shortly after the below picture was taken and the spillway will be turfed as soon as the grass is ready.


Stock Pond

Over on the Hampstead Chain, the earthworks at Catchpit continue to progress well with clay being brought in from Pryor’s Field.



The new sheet-piles at Mixed Pond are awaiting timber capping. A fence will be added to this capping, and then a grassy earth bund build on the causeway side (right hand side in picture below).


Mixed Pond

At Hampstead No. 2 the culverts have now all been put in place and work will start on the inlet structure.


Excavator sitting in area where inlet structure is to be built.

At Hampstead No. 1, work continues on the labyrinth weir.


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