Ponds Project Update

Now the weather is getting better, the progress on the Ponds Project is gathering speed.

At Model Boating Pond, the last silt has been removed from the pond bed and archaeologists have been onsite investigating the timber structures which were previously buried in the silt. I will update readers on the results of these investigations when we have more information.


Archaeologists in Model Boating Pond


Archaeologists in Model Boating Pond

At Ladies Pond, it’s all hands on deck in preparation for the first concrete pour on Tuesday 22 March. In the picture below you can see the steel reinforcement bars being laid and the wooden shuttering in preparation for the pour.


Ladies’ Pond

At Stock Pond, the path is currently being prepared and tarmacked. This will continue next week.


Preparing the path at Stock Pond.


Completed section of path at Stock Pond with planting completed on downstream face.

The original fence has been reinstalled along the pond edge.


Stock Pond

Once the path has been completed, the only remaining work here will be on the spillway which is due to be turfed in spring.

There has been lots of activity in the Catchpit in the last few days. Last week , a cut off-trench was excavated.


Cut-off trench across the Catchpit valley

The cut-off trench stops water from going under the dam and provides extra support to the structure. It has now been filled with good quality clay.


Filled cut-off trench

The clay to fill the cut-off trench was excavated from one of the borrow pits in Pryor’s Field.


Borrow pit in Pryor’s Field

Once the cut off trench has been completely filled, the dam will begin to be built up.

At Mixed Pond, work is being carried out in preparation to install the timber capping to the top of the sheet piles.


Mixed Pond

At Hampstead No. 2, the last few culvert sections are being put into place. Work will then start on the outlet structure.


Hampstead No. 2

And on Hampstead No. 1, the  culvert sections are nearly all in place and work on the labyrinth weir will continue.



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