Ponds Project Update

Now we are two months into 2016, here is a brief update on progress with the Ponds Project.

At Model Boating Pond, silt has now been moved into the extended compound which allows for the borrow pits to be opened up to extract clay. There is still some silt in the pond bed to be moved and this is due to happen next week.


Pond bed at Model Boating Pond with remaining silt visible on hillside

There is a wooden structure in the pond (visible in the photograph above). We think this may be the end of the old valve chamber or perhaps related to a wooden jetty which once stood in the pond. Further investigations of this object will take place when the final silt has been removed.

The environmental works at Bird Sanctuary are now complete as is the extension to the existing outflow into Model Boating Pond. All that remains on this pond is to relay both the pond-side hoggin path and the tarmac path which runs across the top of the dam.

There are some dramatic changes at Ladies Pond as the changing room and slab are now almost completely demolished. The sheet-piling which will form the base of the new building is also complete.


Demolished slab and building with new sheet-piling

The sheet piling was installed using a Giken, which tracks across the piles and pushes them into place using a silent vibration-less method. This was the first time this machine has ever turned a corner over water to install sheet-piles in the UK.


First corner over water for the Giken piling rig

Preparations are now underway ahead of  the concrete pour for the new slab. This is the largest concrete pour of the Ponds Project and will involve 160 metres cubed of concrete in a continuous pour. This translates as 24 concrete wagons, arriving at 20 minute intervals into the Parliament Hill entrance (by the tennis courts) and driving – with escorts- to the Ladies Pond back entrance. This is scheduled to take place in the week commencing 21 March and we will provide more details on this blog when they are available.

The works at Stock Pond are nearing completion, other than the spillway which will be turfed in the spring.


Laying top-soil at Stock Pond

On the Hampstead Chain, work continues on Hampstead No. 1 pond on both the dam, where a labyrinth weir is being built (due to be completed by Easter) and at the northern end where the area around the outlet is being prepared for re-seeding and restoration.


Top soil is spread in preparation for area to be seeded.

On the Hampstead No. 2 the culvert is still under construction with new sections to be added to the section which has already been installed.


Ground is prepared for installation of further culvert sections.

The work on this pond is due to be finished by mid-April.

At Mixed Pond, shingle has now been put between the existing dam and the sheet-pile wall. A waling beam is to be added to add extra support where the shorter sheet piles go over the existing scour pipe. Brackets have also been welded on top of the sheet-piles in order to attach a timber capping.


Mixed Pond

Vegetation and the first layer of top soil has now being stripped from the Catchpit area, and the metal fencing has been removed.



The existing concrete catchpit (shown in the picture above) is due to be removed soon.

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