Progress update

At Model Boating Pond, the extended compound has now been fully fenced and the top-soil stripped in preparation for the remaining silt to be moved across. The silt will be stored in this location while it dries out.


Top soil has been stripped and left to one side


The extended compound looking east.

After the silt has been moved BAM Nuttall will then begin to excavate clay from the borrow pits which are located within the original work compound.

At Ladies Pond, the building has now been removed, leaving the concrete slab. This slab will also be removed and replaced.


The new slab will sit on top of sheet-metal piles which will support it and the building. Last week the process to install these piles (using a silent vibration-less method) began.


Piling at Ladies Pond.

A trial also took place ahead of the prefabricated building arriving in April. This consisted of a truck the same size as the trucks which will bring the building (in five separate pieces), with bits of timber the maximum height and width of the buildings. Clearance room was checked to ensure there are no issues on the day of delivery.


Trial ahead of the Ladies Pond building arrival

On the Hampstead Chain, at Hampstead No. 1, the labyrinth weir (made from concrete) is still under construction.


Labyrinth weir

The second half of the culvert which will eventually link Hampstead No. 1 and No.2 is being completed by sheet-piling and then excavating. The pre-cast concrete culvert sections will then be put into place. The final piece of work at this location will be the inlet structure in Hampstead No. 2 Pond.


Excavating to complete the buried culvert.

Desilting work is soon to start at Viaduct Pond (using the same suction technique  employed elsewhere) and this week clearance work has started on the Catchpit area, which will then be fenced off.

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