Progress: 10 months in

At Model Boating Pond, the excavated area is now almost ready for clay to be moved down from the hillside to raise the new dam.


The base of Model Boating Pond

The wooden structure in the middle of the above photograph is the housing of what was perhaps the original valve chamber.

At Ladies Pond some demolition work took place earlier this week. The old building is now down and the slab is being demolished.


Existing building immediately prior to demolition

The new building is currently under construction (in a factory in Yorkshire). The below photo shows the frame of the new changing facility which will be pre-fabricated and then transported to the Heath in several pieces.

Changing block

Ladies building under construction

The path at Stock Pond is nearly complete, with only one layer of tar and chip left to apply.


Stock Pond

The desilting work has now been completed at Mixed Pond. In the picture below, you can see a silt survey taking place by boat.


Mixed Pond from the north end.

The silt is being stored temporarily on the Sports Pitch area


Silt storage at Sports Pitch

During the desilting work, the machine that was used was often snared with lost swimming costumes and underwear. You can see the remains in the below picture.


The sheet-pile wall along the dam face at Mixed Pond is now in place.


Sheet-pile wall installed along dam face.

The haul road to Catchpit is almost complete.


Catchpit haul-route

Works continue to progress well at both Hampstead No. 1 and 2


Working on the culvert at Hampstead No. 2


The spillway at Hampstead no. 1

We thank you for your patience while these essential safety works take place.

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