Ponds Project round up – Jan 2016

As the first month of 2016 draws to a close, there has been lots of activity across the Heath related to the Ponds Project.

Highgate Chain

At Stock Pond, the dam is currently being raised between the two oak sleeper walls that were installed last year. Drainage has been added to the downstream side of the path and can be seen in the photo below.


Dam is raised at Stock Pond

At Ladies Pond, agregate material has been brought in to form a platform for a crane. This crane will install sheetpiles to form a base for the new building, and then a larger crane will use the same platform to move the new building into position.


The beginnings of a crane platform behind Ladies Pond

The Ladies Pond will be closed for swimming from Monday, 1 February, to allow for the replacement of the chaging rooms and lifeguards facility.

At Model Boating Pond, the silt excavated from the southern end of the pond has been moved to the extended compound area, which means the borrow pits can be opened. The final extension to the compound will be fenced off soon so that more silt can be moved.


Compound extension at Model Boating Pond

Hampstead Chain

The labyrinth weir is under construction at Hampstead No. 1, as well as the stilling basin. These are located on the dam and it’s location was chosen to minimise tree loss.


Labyrinth weir

The inlet structure into Hampstead No. 1 has been completed for some months and has blended well into the surroundings.


Inlet structure just visible in the centre of this photograph taken from the dam of Hampstead No. 1

On Hampstead No. 2, sheet-piling is being installed to allow for the second part of the culvert to be constructed.


Constructing the second half of the culvert at Hampstead No. 2

In the last two weeks, work has started at Mixed Pond. Read more in this blog post.

Fencing has also gone up and top-soil stripped around Pryor’s Field compound and the haul road to the Catchpit.


The temporary haul road to the Catchpit

In the below map, the Pryor’s Field compound, the Catchpit work compound and the Sports Field compound are marked in red as well as the haul road (purple) with the two crossing points (bright red).

Work compound Pryors Field small scale-01-01

The Catchpit area will be fenced off in the coming weeks.

We apologise for any inconvenince caused during the Ponds Project works.

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