Mixed Pond

Works at Mixed Pond are now well underway and fencing has been placed along the causeway. IMG_4754

At this location, the dam which is also the causeway, is being raised by 1m. This is being achieved by a half meter raise to the path (using sheet-piling) and a half meter earth bund which will be covered in grass and sit on the Mixed Pond side of the causeway.

The drawing below left gives an idea of how this will look from the pond side, and there is a cross section bottom right.



Sheet-piling the face of the dam

The following artist impression gives an indication of how the finished scheme will look:

Mixed Pond - artist impression

Artist impression of Mixed Pond causeway looking east

The downstream side of the dam will look much the same, however the fence is being moved further down to the pond-side. The causeway will remain a pedestrian and cycle route throughout. Environmental mitigation at this pond includes desilting work which is now almost complete.


Desilting Mixed Pond using a suction technique

Some overhanging branches have been cleared which will help reduce leaf litter into the pond, and additional reed planting will take place along the face of the new sheet-piled dam and at the back of the pond to further benefit the water quality.

Further information is available in this PDF :Mixed Bathing Pond – Environmental Masterplan

Work at this pond is programmed to take place until March 2016.

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