Pryor’s Field

Pryor’s Field is the large grassy area which is north of East Heath car park. For some months BAM Nuttall have had a compound in this location which has been used to store material for work on the Hampstead Ponds. This compound has recently been extended and in the next week will be extended again. This space will be used as a borrow pit to build the new dry dam in the Catchpit. You can read more about the Catchpit in this blog post.

In the below drawing you can see the Pryor’s Field compound and the Catchpit compound marked with blue lines. The haul road is marked with yellow lines, and two crossing points are marked in red. The crossing point further north will be manned each day, while the crossing point to the south will only be available out of working hours (6pm – 8am the following day) and on weekends. You can zoom in on a PDF of this image: Pryor’s Field and Catchpit with haul road.

Pryor's Field and Catchpit with haul road

Work compound Pryors Field small scale-01-01

This compound and haul road have now been pegged out, and later this week fencing will be erected ahead of work starting.

The edges of the compound have been marked in blue pegs:


Pryor’s Field looking west


The haul road (looking north-east), originally marked with white pegs and then with slight adjustments following  engagement with stakeholders and ecologists to avoid ant-hills and trees.


Pryor’s Field Compound (looking south)

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