Ponds progress

As the first week of January comes to a close, the Ponds Project is back in full swing after a break over the festive period.

At Model Boating Pond, silt is due to be moved into the extended compound area which will allow the borrow pits to be opened and clay excavated for the dam construction.

The stilling basin at Ladies Pond is now almost complete and work has started on the top of the spillway.


Stilling basin at Ladies Pond

At Stock Pond, some material which was contaminated with Japanese Knotweed is waiting for removal from site. The inlet structure in nearing completion and then the path will be raised and finally the spillway constucted.

Over on the Hampstead Chain, the sports field area is currently being made ready for the desilting equipment to move across. This will be where the silt from Mixed Pond and Viaduct Pond is processed.

A large area on Pryor’s Field is soon to be fenced off as it will be used as a borrow pit to find the material for the Catchpit dam. The work at Catchpit is due to start in February.

Construction at Mixed Pond is also due to start imminently and some fencing has been erected along the causeway. Desitlting work will take place soon – they are currently setting up here.


Fencing at Mixed Pond

The gas diversion works at Hampstead No. 2 are now finished which allows BAM Nuttall to start sheet-piling and building the inlet structure.


Creation of a temporry platform to allow the inlet to be built

Finally at Hampstead No. 1, the reinforced spillway and stilling basin are well under way.


The reinforced spillway at Hampstead No. 1



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