Ponds Project Update – 4 December

Men’s Bathing Pond

For the past four weeks, desilting work has been taking place at Men’s Bathing Pond and the pond has been closed for swimming. This work is now almost complete. Upon completion the water takes a short while for turbidity, or cloudiness, to return to normal. Water quality will be monitored daily and the pond will be reopened to swimmers on Tuesday, 15 December.

Model Boating Pond

Desilting work at the southern end of Model Boating Pond is now almost complete. The picture below shows the deepest point in the pond is in the middle, which is the line of the old river bed.

Boating pond desilting works 3rd Dec 2015 (1)

My previous post describes the issues that have arisen with storage and drying of the the silt material which has been excavated from the pond. When this has been dried it will be used to fill the borrow pits which are being excavated to find the clay to build the dam. Next week the compound at Model Boating Pond will be extended to the west to create the extra storage required.

Bird Sanctuary

The broken overflow pipe at the south-eastern edge of Bird Sanctuary pond has now been fixed. The discovery of a live electrical cable has required some changes to the design at the eastern edge. The design will be simplified with the existing pipe being used in part.

Ladies’ Bathing Pond

The stilling basin (which is at the end of the spillway) is well underway and a concrete pour will be taking place on Tuesday 8 December. This will be starting at 6am to allow time to have a continuous pour which is essential when working with concrete.

2 December 2015 014

The Ladies’ Pond has remained open while these works are taking place.

Stock Pond

The culvert works under the path have now been completed and the path across the top of the dam will now be generally open to pedestrians.

Stock pond culvert 3rd Dec 2015 (3)

The picture above shows the culvert on the pond-side where an inlet structure is to be constructed. Works to raise the crest and create the spillway are still due to take place.

Hampstead No. 2

The path diversion is underway (see photo below) and will be finished by the middle of next week. This will enable excavations to begin on the second half of the culvert. and construction of the inlet structure in Hampstead No. 2 Pond.

Hampstead No.1 + 2 culvert works 3rd Dec 2015 (5)

Hampstead No. 1

Work on the spillway structure at the southern end of Hampstead No. 1 are now underway. You can read more about this work here. A coffer dam is being installed using sheet metal piles to enable work to take place in the construction of the intlet.

Hampstead No.1 spillway works 3rd Dec 2015 (6)


Work at Model Boating Pond is running behind schedule by approximately 12 weeks, but at all other locations the work is running to programme.

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