Increase in compound at Model Boating Pond

An issue has arisen relating to space within the Model Boating Pond site compound. A range of options and alternatives have been explored by the Ponds Project team and they have concluded the only practical option is to create an additional, smaller compound to the west of the existing compound.

There are two main reasons for this space issue:
1. The delays encountered with the works at Model Boating Pond mean that the stored silt is not drying as quickly as it would have done had the works been completed in the summer and early autumn as originally programmed.
2. The area for the clay pits has had to be reduced because the gas main is further west than was shown on records.

As you may have seen, there is a lot going on inside the original compound including:
• Two borrow pits being dug to extract clay that will be used to raised and extend the current dam.
• Storage of topsoil and weathered clay that cannot be used on the dam.
• Storage and drying of silt taken from the ponds

The original plan was for the first borrow pit to be filled in with the dried silt, weathered clay and topsoil before starting on the excavation of the second pit. However, we now need to gain access to the second borrow pit before we have backfilled the first. This means that there will not be enough space to store all of the silt and topsoil, hence the need for an additional compound.

We plan to enclose the area in two phases:
1. A smaller area will be fenced off almost immediately (the current estimate is 7/12/15) so we can use it for silt and topsoil storage.
2. The full area will be enclosed, and this will be used for silt drying once the weather improves.

The perimeter of the compound, showing the two phases is marked out on the below plan.


There will be no clay excavation from this area. The existing temporary path will remain open and a staffed vehicle crossing point will be constructed. The crossing point will be positioned carefully to provide good sightlines and will be concreted so it can be kept clean.

3 December 2015 006

The edge of the new compound has been marked out with red posts.

We have carefully considered the positioning of the additional compound and have tried to respect desire lines where we can, while protecting the trees adjacent to the area. As with the current compound the area will be reinstated to a high standard, improving the quality of the grassland, and providing important habitats for fauna, such as bees and butterflies.

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