Progress update – 16 November 2015

Silt removal by excavator has been continuing at Model Boating Pond where hard bed level has now been reached.


You can see the hard bed in the bottom right of the above picture.

Silt excavation will continue until it has all been removed. The Cortina car should be removed in the next week or two, when the silt around it had been taken out.

At Ladies Pond the construction of the stilling basin is underway. The stilling basin will form the end of the spillway and will be a concrete structure, covered in soil which will then be seeded in grass. In the below picture you can see the footprint of the stilling basin.


The outlet structure and bottom section of a new pipe which links Ladies Pond to Bird Sanctuary Pond has also been installed. See image below.


Desilting work at Stock Pond has now come to an end and the equipment will be moved to Men’s Pond where the set-up in preparation to desilt, has been underway for the past week.

The culvert sections for Stock Pond have now arrived and installation has started. During this work the path will need to be closed periodically for health and safety reasons.

At Hampstead No. 2 the gas main diversion work is still underway. In the below picture you can see the tree roots which have been exposed and protected by carefully digging around them.


Some preparatory works will be taking place in Hampstead No. 2 pond ahead of construction work on the inlet structure.

Work at the southern end of Hampstead No. 1 is due to start this week. You can read more about this in my last post.

Overall, there is a still a 12 week delay at Model Boating Pond, but all other ponds are running to programme.

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