Progress update – 6 November

Clay from the borrow pits has now been placed along the whole face of the temporary sheet pile dam at Model Boating Pond, giving it the extra stability required so silt excavation can continue.


Clay is moved to form a bund along the temporary dam.

View from the clay bund.

View from the clay bund.

The clay is displacing the silt, causing it to become deeper in areas. The Ford Cortina is now buried deeper in silt than it was a few weeks ago.


Silt removal began once more in the middle of this week and will continue for the coming weeks. The silt is being placed in bays in the work compound to the west of the pond.

At Ladies Pond, excavations have started in the spillway area which is at the south end of the pond. The area has been cleared of vegetation and excavations for the outlet pipe are underway. The pond remains open for swimming during this part of the works.


Excavations at Ladies Pond.

The desilting work at Stock Pond has been continuing this week.  There have been hold-ups to this work caused by numerous large items found at the bottom of the pond. These can cause damage to the suction equipment and the pipes which connect to the cyclone unit.

Desilting continues at Stock Pond

Desilting continues at Stock Pond


Probing silt depths at Stock Pond.

Silt removal is due to be completed at Stock Pond this week and the equipment will be moved across to Men’s Pond. From Monday, 9 November, the Men’s Pond will be closed to swimmers for a period of around three to four weeks while desilting work takes place. The Mixed Pond will be open as an alternative swimming location.

Over on the Hampstead Chain, the excavated culvert has been backfilled with clay. The next step will be to cover this in topsoil and seed with grass. The main path will then be diverted which will allow the next half of the culvert to be excavated. A gas main diversion is also currently underway. The excavations are being done carefully, with close monitoring by the Heath’s tree team to avoid nearby tree roots.

Gas main diversion

Gas main diversion

On Hampstead No. 2, some silt depth testing has been taking place using a Mackintosh probe.


Mackintosh Probe being used on Hampstead No. 2

These tests will determine the depth of silt in the pond ahead of it possibly being desilted using the suction technique currently being employed on Stock Pond.

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