Progress update – 22 October

Another week with lots of Ponds Project activity on the Heath.

Excavations of silt  continued during the beginning of the week at Model Boating Pond.  As the silt levels dropped a wooden timber structure began to appear. You can see it in the bottom left hand corner of the below picture.


We think this structure is related to an old scour pipe and it is certainly the first time in a long while it’s been exposed to the elements.

Some extra stability is now being added to the temporary dam by bolstering it with clay from the borrow pits.


Clay will be placed along the whole length of the temporary dam to ensure its stability while the work take place.

The timber retaining walls, which will be used to raise the path at Stock Pond are now in place and excavations have started on the outfall structure.


Stock Pond will also be the first to be desilted using the suction technique. The equipment for this was being tested today.

Over on Hampstead No. 2, the culvert has grown in length and the grating for the end of it will arrive in the next few days. Work on the gas main diversion is also due to happen next week.


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