Progress update – 15 October

The Hampstead Heath Ponds project is now six months into its 18 month programme. There have been delays at Model Boating Pond, but we do not anticipate these will have delays on the overall programme. The rest of the project is running to programme.

At Model Boating Pond, the silt removal is now underway. These pictures from yesterday show the progress that has been made.







A large model boat was found in the muddy silt.


At Stock Pond the timber edging for the raised path is under construction.


Temporary black pipes have also been laid near the pond. These will be used to de-silt the Stock Pond using a suction technique. This process is due to start next week and I will write more on this soon.


At Hampstead No. 1, the culvert is being installed section by section. In the pictures below you can see the square culvert being buried. Once this section is buried and the ground reinstated, the path will be diverted over the top, allowing the work to take place on the section under the path minimising disruption to Heath visitors.



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