Model Boating Pond – update

If you’ve been to Model Boating Pond in the last couple of weeks you will have noticed work taking place to stabilise the temporary sheet pile dam. A crane was floated out on a pontoon last week and last Friday they began installing H-section piles which will stabilise the temporary structure. I’ve written about this work in a previous post.

Crane lifting 15m H-section piles into place.

Crane lifting 15m h-section piles into place.


There were nine H-section piles in total and these have now all been installed in front of the section of the temporary dam which was unstable.


H-section piles in front of temporary dam


Now the piling has been completed, the crane has been taken back to shore and some of the pontoons dismantled. Next week, the water level will be lowered in the southern end of the pond to allow some lower level bracing of the H-section piles. This work will continue for the remainder of the week. When this is completed, the remainder of the pond will be de-watered and the fish rescue will recommence.


Don’t forget you can watch what’s happening at Model Boating Pond on our time lapse camera.

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