Ponds Project – four and a half months in

While work has been delayed at Model Boating Pond (the equipment required to stabilise the temporary dam will arrive next week), over on the Hampstead Chain, BAM Nuttall have made good progress.

The Viaduct is almost finished. Some additional grass seeding needs to take place and while the turf and sown grass establish, temporary fencing will remain in place.



Viaduct turfing and seeding 27th August 2015 (2)

Seeding grass at Viaduct Pond

At Vale of Health, a kerb has been installed. Vegetation will be allowed to grow over this and it will soon become camouflaged.


The spillway was excavated under the watchful eye of a MOLA archaeologist.  The new spillway will allow water to safely leave the pond, without damaging the dam, in the event of a large flood.


The spillways for this project have been designed to be grass-lined to help them blend into the Heath’s natural environment. Turf has been specified to fit the Heath and you can read more about this in this blog post.

Turf arrives on pallets before being laid.

Turf arrives on pallets before being laid.



That leaves only the path resurfacing work to take place at this pond. While the path is resurfaced, the pathway will need to be temporarily closed and a diversion will be signposted.

At Hampstead No. 1, BAM Nuttall are continuing to build the outlet structure in the north-west corner of the pond. This large structure will be largely underwater and vegetation will be grown around the top edge to shield it from view.

Hampstead No.1 BAM culvert 27th August 2015 (1)

Excavations will soon begin on the culvert, a large pipe which will link Hampstead No. 1 and No. 2. At this location, the culvert acts as a spillway, and enables water to safely leave No. 2 pond in the event of a large flood. This curved culvert will be buried under the ground and its route has been chosen to avoid the nearby tree roots. As this work is due to take place in sections, public access will be retained across the causeway leading to South Hill Park. Work is programmed to continue in this location until February 2016.

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