Fixing the dam at Model Boating Pond

It has been all hands on deck to get the gap in the temporary dam fixed at Model Boating Pond. A 50 tonne crane arrived on the Heath in the early morning yesterday (Tuesday) along with extra pontoons to allow it to be floated out onto the pond.

Crane waiting to move onto the pontoons.

Crane waiting to move onto the pontoons.

Today the crane was floated into the middle of the pond and moved the piling rig into position so it could remove and replace the pile which had become declutched.

IMG_1609 IMG_1610

The first indication is the repair work seems to have been a sucess. The pumps will be put back on again tomorrow and the water level dropped by around a meter. All going well, the crane and pontoons will then leave the site and the water will be continue to be drained. The fish rescue operation will then recommence – probably early next week.

On the Hampstead Chain, the works continue to progress at Hampstead No. 2. They are currently concentrating on the outfall area which is in the north-west corner of Hampstead No. 1. Temporary sheet piling was completed last week along with works in the pond bed area. They are now excavating the ground between the sheet-piles to allow the culvert to be buried.IMG_2538


Works are also due to start at Vale of Health this week.

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