More news on Model Boating Pond

Following my last post, there has been another delay on the fix of the sheet-metal dam following an issue with the equipment used to remove the de-clutched piles and install the new piles. To resolve this issue a large crane will need to be brought onto the Heath next Tuesday in the early morning. This is a similar size crane as was used in the original piling. This will be floated on pontoons and will enable the piling press to carry out the remedial work.

We hope this work will be completed next week, allowing the pond to be drained and the fish rescued during the first week of August.

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2 Responses to More news on Model Boating Pond

  1. Phin says:

    Oh wow! I would love to photograph this when exactly is it arriving on Tuesday morning? It is for my geography project


    • It will be arriving very early 5 or 6am. It will come in from Highgate road by tennis courts. If you don’t want such an early start, I can send you some photos if you give me your contact detail.


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